From the oldest rooster in the farmyard to the tiniest of baby chicks, we all need certain vitamins and minerals in our diet. One of those crucial minerals is an element called selenium, it sits in the oxygen family of elements in the periodic table and is used by the body in tiny amounts to support the immune system, to help the body’s anti-oxidant defence, to help regulate thyroid activity, and it also plays an important part in male fertility.


Boost the Roost free-range eggs with organic selenium have been developed by St Ewe Free Range Eggs following personal experience of the health benefits of selenium within our family.


The eggs are produced on our own farm at Ventonwyn near St Ewe in Cornwall, and on the farms of our partner producers in Cornwall and Devon. All of our hens are free-range and have been fed on a diet which is rich in organic selenium. This has positive health benefits for the hens, as well as ensuring that our eggs have a selenium content per 100g that is guaranteed to be over 40% of EU adult Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA); you can read more about the various health benefits of selenium here.


In addition our Boost the Roost eggs are rich in (provide over 30% adult RDA) vitamin B2, B12, and D, and iodine and they are also a source of (provide over 15% adult RDA) vitamin A, folate, phosphorous and omega-3.

Remember – Boost the Roost eggs should form part of a varied, healthy diet